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Buried in the darkest recesses of Jodie Ellis’s mind are horrific memories of her ex-husband Paul, whose wealth and charm masked a domineering personality. After their wedding, his volatile temper mushroomed into unspeakable violence. Jodie narrowly escaped with her life and sent Paul to prison. Afterwards, she began a new life, but remained haunted by the trauma she endured at Paul’s hands. Ten years later, when Paul is up for parole, Jodie receives a tantalizing offer: testify in favor of Paul’s release, so that another victim from his past can kill him. When Paul is released and turns up dead hours later, Jodie becomes the prime suspect and has to fight for her freedom against all the odds. Person of Interest is a dramatic whodunit that will keep readers spellbound until the very last word.


"I couldn't put the book down. It's a true page-turner!",
-- JoAnn J. (Monroe, NC)

"There were so many exciting twists in the plot, I had to keep reading."
-- Julia R. (Palm Dessert, CA)

"I never saw stuff coming. Person of Interest is anything but predictable!"
-- Scott H. (Charlotte, NC)